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Chef Keith Taylor and his team offer interactive dining experiences featuring live culinary demonstrations to celebrate the beauty of food, drink, and friends.

At The Soul Of Cooking Kitchen Experience, you have the opportunity to interact with Executive Chef Keith Taylor, ask questions during multiple courses to help you better understand the critical culinary concepts, and enjoy a delicious meal. In our dining space you will have the opportunity to use your five senses to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste everything, including the final prepared dishes.

My boyfriend and I went to Soul of Cooking for a date night and it was INCREDIBLE. Not only was the food amazing but we got so much insight into Chef Taylor’s cooking style and where his inspiration comes from. We had a wonderful night where you learn, laugh, and have not only a meal but an experience. Highly recommend.

– Jamie Dougherty –

My friend and I attended a cooking experience and it was so much fun. The environment was so positive and Chef Keith was very upbeat. The food was delicious and fresh. We all could have gone for seconds!!

– Sarah Johnson –

I went to went to one of their first booked "experiences" and had a blast. The food, drinks, and staff were amazing. Chef Keith and the sommelier demo'd everything beautifully. The music, the space, ambiance are perfect for girls night or date night. First time I've been out in a while and it felt very covid safe while still being a fun. Will be back when they release the next set of experiences.

– Samantha –

My boyfriend and I went to the Soul of Cooking for a date night and it was AWESOME!!! We love experiential learning and dining so this was just the place for us. The ambiance was great, a small group of socially distanced groups. We watched as Chef Keith demo'd every dish and talked about the history of the food and ingredients. He is such a character and so knowledgeable and welcoming! The mixologist also demo'd a few drinks all while we sat back and relaxed. It was so amusing. The servers brought out each dish and everything was delicious and beautifully plated. This is a totally new experience for the KOP area and we can't wait to come back!

– Sonya 526 –


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